India's new installed capacity of roof solar energy increased 112% year on year in the second quarter

India's new installed capacity of roof solar energy increased 112% year on year in the second quarter

  • 2020-12-05
India added 399 megawatts of new rooftop solar capacity in the second quarter of fiscal year 2020-21 (July September), exceeding 188 megawatts installed in the same period last year.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia (CEEW) energy supply center (CEEW-CEF) has a new report that the new capacity of grid level solar projects in the second quarter of India (2020-21 to July) is affected by the interruption of supply chain caused by new crown pneumonia.

During this period, the newly installed capacity of grid level solar energy was only 529 MW, compared with 1692 MW in the second quarter of fiscal year 2019-20. In contrast, the roof solar energy increased instead of falling, with 399 megawatts of new capacity significantly higher than 188 megawatts in the same period last year. Gujarat, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu are leading the growth in the installation of rooftop solar systems.

In the renewable energy category, solar energy (grid level projects and rooftop photovoltaic) continues to dominate, contributing nearly 60% of the new capacity in the second quarter of fy21. The total installed capacity of 1508 MW of renewable energy includes grid level solar energy, roof solar energy, wind energy and biomass / other renewable energy power generation components.

Reported that novel coronavirus pneumonia, India new energy and renewable energy department allows grid level photovoltaic project to extend production time by 5 months. With the relaxation of epidemic prevention and blockade measures, the installed capacity of renewable energy may increase significantly in the future.

Auction capacity

The ceew-cef report also stressed that a total of 3.2 gigawatts of renewable energy generation was auctioned in the second quarter of fiscal year 2020-21, slightly lower than 4.4 gigawatts in the first quarter of fiscal year 21 (excluding the 8 gigawatts approved as part of the expansion of the solar auction in the previous quarter).

In addition, the momentum of hybrid generation portfolio auctions has covered ordinary renewable energy projects. The auction of solar and wind hybrid projects aims to improve the utilization of transmission infrastructure and capacity. The total share of the top five developers in the total capacity of approved projects increased to 84% from 81% in the last quarter, which is expected to remain at this high level in the future.

As of September 2020, discom's overdue payments to several power producers amounted to INR 1.4 trillion, an increase of 50% compared with September 2019. However, from the perspective of growth rate, the second quarter significantly decreased to only 5%, far less than the 30% surge in the first quarter of fiscal year 21.
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