Advantages of solar lithium battery compared with lead-acid battery

Advantages of solar lithium battery compared with lead-acid battery

  • 2020/10/30

1. Better anti-theft performance of lithium battery

Solar energy uses batteries to store electricity to generate electricity, so the cost of this battery is also a little more expensive, which will make some thieves focus on solar cells. In the past, lead-acid batteries were buried in the ground and were easily poached by thieves. But the lithium battery is installed under the solar panel, because the height of the street lamp pole is high, so it is difficult to steal the lithium battery. If the lithium battery is installed with a special battery anti-theft box, it will be more able to prevent the battery from being stolen.

Therefore, the installation position of lead-acid battery and lithium battery is different. The installation position of lithium battery is not conducive to the theft of thieves, which can greatly reduce the possibility of battery being stolen.

2. Lithium battery is less polluted than lead-acid battery

We all know that the service life of lead-acid battery is relatively short. Although it is cheap, it may have to be replaced once a year, which will greatly increase the environmental pollution. Moreover, the pollution of lead-acid battery is heavier than that of lithium battery. If it is replaced all the time, it will always cause harm to the environment.

3. Longer service life of lithium batteries

It is also mentioned above that the annual loss of lead-acid batteries is relatively high, often need to be replaced once or twice a year. The service life of lithium batteries is 3-5 years, generally speaking, it can be guaranteed for three years. This means that in the past three years, if there is any problem with the battery, you can contact the manufacturer to replace it, without extra cost, and it is just comfortable to use.

4. Higher safety of lithium battery

Lead acid battery is easy to water, lithium battery is not easy to water. Moreover, the lead-acid battery has the memory property, that is, charging when it is not fully discharged will produce memory effect, which will affect the service life of the battery. The lithium battery has no memory and can be recharged at any time. In this way, it is safer and more reassuring.

What's more, lithium batteries are much more delicate and light than lead-acid batteries, and they are much more convenient to install. Lithium battery is now more and more widely used, has gradually replaced lead-acid battery. Although the cost of lithium battery is higher, it can save us a lot of money and energy!

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