12V 24V 36V 48V MPPT Solar Charge Controller

12V 24V 36V 48V MPPT Solar Charge Controller

  • Rated Voltage:

    12V/24/36V/48V Auto
  • Certificate:

  • Lead Time:

    7 Days
  • Warranty:

    2 Year
Products Details

1. The advanced double peak or multi peak tracking technology, when the battery panel is shaded or part of the battery panel is damaged, multiple peaks will appear in the I-V curve, and the controller can still accurately track to the maximum power point.

2. The built-in maximum power tracking algorithm can significantly improve the energy utilization efficiency of photovoltaic system, which is about 15% ~ 20% higher than the traditional PWM charging efficiency.

3.The combination of multiple tracking algorithms can accurately track the best working point of I-V curve in a very short time

4. The maximum tracking efficiency of MPPT is 99.9%.

5. Using advanced digital power supply technology, the circuit energy conversion efficiency is as high as 98%.

6. Support gel battery, sealed battery, open battery, user-defined charging procedures for different types of batteries

7. It has current limiting charging mode. When the battery board power is too high and the charging current is greater than the rated current, the controller will automatically reduce the charging power to make it work at the rated charging current.

8. Large capacity current support.

9. Support battery voltage automatic identification.

10. It has fault LED indication and LCD display abnormal information, which is convenient for users to determine system fault.

11. It supports the storage of historical data for up to one year.

12. With LCD display function, it can view the equipment operation data and status, and support the change of controller parameters.

13.Support the standard Modbus protocol to meet the communication needs of different occasions.

14.All communications are electrically isolated so that customers can rest assured.

15.Built in over temperature protection mechanism, when the temperature exceeds the set value of the equipment, the charging current decreases linearly with the temperature and the discharge is closed, so as to reduce the temperature rise of the controller and avoid the high temperature damage of the controller.

16.It has the function of external battery voltage sampling, which can make the battery sampling not affected by line loss and make the control parameters more accurate.

17.Temperature compensation function, automatic adjustment of charge and discharge parameters and improvement of battery service life.

18.It has the function of battery over temperature protection. If the temperature of external battery exceeds the set value, the charging and discharging will be turned off to avoid damage to the equipment due to excessive temperature.

19.TVs lightning protection

Parameter name

Parameter value



System voltage

12V/24/36V/48V Auto

No load loss

0.7 W~1.2W

Battery voltage


Maximum input voltage of solar energy

145V(25℃) 130V(-25℃)

Maximum power point voltage range

Battery voltage + 2V ~ 120V

Rated charging current


Rated load current


Maximum capacitive load capacity


Maximum input power of photovoltaic system

800W/12V ; 1600W/24V; 2400W/36V ; 3200W/48V

Conversion efficiency


MPPT tracking efficiency


Temperature compensation coefficient

-3MV / ℃ / 2V (default)

Protection level


Communication mode

RS232 RS485


≤ 3000m

Product size


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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.